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Multiple Slope Failure Stabilization

Multiple Slope Failure Stabilization

Henry County, Ohio, experienced multiple landslides along County Road Z that were slipping into the Maumee River. The shoulder was compromised and the edge of the pavement was in danger of failure during heavy rain events. Typically, a road in this rural area could be relocated. However, an adjacent cemetery meant that option was not feasible. GeoStabilization’s Perry Kairis, P.E. met with Henry County hours after the county called about the problem. Henry County had repaired a smaller section of this roadway years before with a soldier pile wall, but found that option prohibitively expensive. GeoStabilization’s design employed Launched SuperNails to permanently stabilize the slides and protect the road adjacent to the cemetery at a fraction of the time and cost of more traditional repair techniques. Additionally, this design allowed the County to maintain the alignment of the roadway along the cemetery. The County then had the option to move the road away from the river beyond this constraint. The Soil Nail Launcher ballistically installed one SuperNail about every four minutes, which significantly reduced the construction time over any other option being considered. No permits were necessary since all work was accomplished from above. A man-lift was used to apply the shotcrete surface treatment. A very satisfied client introduced GeoStabilization’s services to both the City of Napoleon and the Henry County Parks Commission and resulted in additional projects for each of these new clients within Henry County.

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Perry Kairis, Multiple Slope Failure Stabilization
Perry Kairis
P.E., Independent Project Development Representative

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Stephen Harrison
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Zech Moriarty
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