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Rock Slope Stabilization using Polyurethane Resin

Rock Slope Stabilization using Polyurethane Resin

Polyurethane resin (PUR) has been used for many years in the mining industry, but only recently has the technology gained a foothold in the geohazard mitigation industry. PUR can be used by itself to solidify rock masses, or can be used in combination with rock bolts or dowels to reduce the total number of anchors needed (and total project cost). Because PUR is “invisible” after installation, it is excellent option for aestetically critical sites where rock anchors, mesh, or shotcrete would not be acceptable.

Based on successes in Colorado and other Western States, the Tennessee Department of transportation selected multiple demonstration sites across the state to examine the installation requirements and application of a high-strength, two-component polyurethane resin to effectively “glue” unstable rock masses in place. GeoStabilization’s engineers, working with experts from the resin manufacturer, designed the layout of the drill holes and our Rockfall Remediation Technicians (RRTs) then drilled holes in the rock up to 20 feet deep. The resin was carefully injected in stages using packers. GeoStabilization’s engineers, were on site during these installations to verify migration of the PUR based on material take and where the PUR exited the rock face during the staged injection.

After multiple freeze/thaw cycles, all sites are completely in-tact with no further rockfall issues.

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Daniel Journeaux, Rock Slope Stabilization using Polyurethane Resin
Daniel Journeaux
Rockfall Director
Martin (Marty) Woodard, Rock Slope Stabilization using Polyurethane Resin
Martin (Marty) Woodard
Ph.D., P.G., P.E., Chief Rockfall Engineer

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Jeff Bremer, MBA, CEM, Vice President of Fleet
Jeff Bremer
MBA, CEM, Vice President of Fleet
Frederic Sauber, Rockfall Operations Manager
Frederic Sauber
Rockfall Operations Manager
Clark Parker, Field Engineer
Clark Parker
Field Engineer

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