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Roadside Repair with GCS® Walls

Roadside Repair with GCS® Walls

GeoStabilization International® responded to an emergency road closure where a landslide destroyed the outbound travel lane right up to the centerline. The lane dropped down 28 vertical feet and forced a complete road closure. GeoStabilization’s crews installed multiple rows of SuperNails and reinforced shotcrete to stabilize the site from above and from temporary access benches. Next, reticulated SuperMicropiles were installed at the bottom of the repair and encapsulated with a reinforced concrete cap. These initial tasks, coupled with the shotcrete wall, provided a robust foundation for the Geosynthetically Confined Soil® (GCS®) wall which was then utilized for the repair. The wall re-established the roadway width, shoulder, and guardrail area that existed prior to the slope’s failure.

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Colby Barrett, J.D., P.E., CEO
Colby Barrett
J.D., P.E., CEO
Brett Gustafson, Pacific Region Operations Manager
Brett Gustafson
Pacific Region Operations Manager
Trampas Mayfield, Senior Operations Supervisor
Trampas Mayfield
Senior Operations Supervisor

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