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Retaining Wall Stabilization

Retaining Wall Stabilization

Farmington Canyon Road provides a scenic loop in the Uinta Wasatch Cache National Forest and also is an access road for an FAA navigation installation. Significant rainfall cause a debris slide that deposited several hundred cubic yards of boulders and gravel on the road surface and excessively surcharged several deteriorated timber crib retaining walls. The timber crib walls had already been identified as needing replacement prior to the debris flow. The Forest Service required that the retaining walls be stabilized prior to performing additional clean up and repair of the upper cut slope. The plan consisted of drilling hollow bar soil nails through the existing timber crib walls and anchoring into the underlying bedrock formation. A new reinforced shotcrete face was proposed over the timber façade. Due to the difficult site access, unique application of soil nail reinforcement, and requirement to work from the top of the existing walls, the Forest Service solicited a quality based request for proposal to ensure proposers were qualified for the specialty work. GeoStabilization International was selected as the top proposer based on the combined scoring from both technical and price proposals.

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Rouse Slape, PMP, Frontline Deputy Director
Rouse Slape
PMP, Frontline Deputy Director
Josh Kelly, General Superintendent
Josh Kelly
General Superintendent
Perry Kairis, P.E., Independent Project Development Representative
Perry Kairis
P.E., Independent Project Development Representative

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