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MSE Bridge Abutment Reinforcement


MSE Bridge Abutment Reinforcement

A prime contractor constructed a MSE bridge abutment with a design height of 20 feet before realizing that the grades leading up to the bridges would require abutments in excess of 30 feet. Rather than tear out the existing panels and reinforcements, the contractor called GeoStabilization International® to see if the abutments could be remediated in place.

GeoStabilization’s engineers, working with the contractor’s consulting engineers, designed a Self-drilling SuperNail® array to compensate for the inadequate reinforcement lengths behind the existing panels. GeoStabilization’s purpose-built SuperNailer drill rig completed the repairs by reaching through the bridge supports to access the wall panels. In less than two weeks, the prime contractor was back on schedule with stable abutments and only minimal project delays.

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Stephen Harrison, P.E., Northeast Regional Engineer
Stephen Harrison
P.E., Northeast Regional Engineer
Zech Moriarty, Frontline Director
Zech Moriarty
Frontline Director
Jennifer Crites, E.I.T., Project Manager
Jennifer Crites
E.I.T., Project Manager

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