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Pipeline Landslide Repair With Mesh Installation

Pipeline Landslide Repair With Mesh Installation

A midstream transmission group asked GeoStabilization International® to design and construct a repair for a series of steep shallow landslides that had developed on a pipeline section traversing a steep, remote mountainside, more than a mile long. Traditional repair techniques were not feasible due to the site’s difficult access and the surrounding environmentally sensitive wetlands.

A GeoStabilization representative visited the site with the client’s engineer, performed site reconnaissance, and helped develop a repair concept. This field data was electronically forwarded to GeoStabilization’s in-house engineering group, who designed repairs using SuperNails® combined with high-strength wire mesh. Due to the severity of the slope’s grade, GeoStabilization’s experienced crews worked with limited-access drill rigs, as well as from ropes and climbing harnesses to complete the work safely. The crews installed SuperNails® and high-tension mesh for more than 40,000 square feet through very difficult conditions and weather.

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, Pipeline Landslide Repair With Mesh Installation
Corey Mislinski, Pipeline Landslide Repair With Mesh Installation
Corey Mislinski
P.E., Project Development Engineer, Energy Services

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Billy Lay, General Superintendent
Billy Lay
General Superintendent
Brent Leverett, M.S., Northeast Regional Director
Brent Leverett
M.S., Northeast Regional Director
Lloyd Kuehn, M.B.A., Chief Administration Officer
Lloyd Kuehn
M.B.A., Chief Administration Officer

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