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Lakeshore Bluff Repair

Lakeshore Bluff Repair

A town in the Northeastern United States was experiencing shallow sloughing of the roadway, which continued to slide and lose shoulder width. The roadway is critical to the community since it offers the only access to many houses located along the shores of the adjoining lake.

Lu Engineers were hired to assist the Town by evaluating several options for stabilizing the slope. The identified repair was approximately 75 LF in length and about 20 feet tall. A conventional retaining wall was going to be cost prohibitive for the Town. Also, the resulting impact to the environment and the unsightly appearance of a traditional retaining wall was unacceptable to the adjacent property owner.

As a result, GeoStabilization International® was contacted to determine if a soil nail wall could be constructed to permanently stabilize the weathered shale on the embankment below the road and above the private beach. The design also had to provide the extra width of shoulder that had been lost in previous slips. GeoStabilization worked closely with the Town and the property owner to design an economical solution that called for a soil nail and reinforced shotcrete stabilization system. This design provided the structural integrity of the repair and it was coupled with a stained and sculpted final surface treatment that simulated natural bedrock. A rustic wooden guiderail was added to enhance the overall appearance of the finished project.

Both the Town and the homeowner participated in the cost of the repair. The Town paid for the structural repair and the property owner funded the staining and sculpting of the project. Both parties were well pleased with GeoStabilization’s innovative solutions, attention to detail, expedited construction schedule, and economical solution that provided permanent protection for the roadway and an aesthetically pleasing backdrop to the owners dock and beach area.

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Perry Kairis, P.E., Independent Project Development Representative
Perry Kairis
P.E., Independent Project Development Representative
Chris Ruppen, P.G., Energy Services Director
Chris Ruppen
P.G., Energy Services Director
Zech Moriarty, Frontline Director
Zech Moriarty
Frontline Director

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