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Waterfront Bluff Stabilization

Waterfront Bluff Stabilization

A city in Washington State contracted GeoStabilization International® to stabilize a failed bluff along a roadway within the scenic waterfront area on the east bank along the bay. The failure had resulted in the loss of road shoulder and compromised the stability of the southbound travel lane. The project required all construction related activities to take place from the top of the bluff to protect the environmentally sensitive riparian zone below.

GeoStabilization’s repair plan consisted of approximately 200 hollow bar soil nails and 2,600 square feet of reinforced shotcrete. The shotcrete wall was applied against a plywood form in the location of the bluff face prior to failure to regain the original shoulder width for guardrail installation. GeoStabilization’s crews successfully installed all soil nails using our fleet of excavator mounted drills and applied the shotcrete while working off man lifts and safety ropes.

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Eric Bledsoe, Project Manager
Eric Bledsoe
Project Manager
John Hollander, M.B.A., Chief People Officer
John Hollander
M.B.A., Chief People Officer
Derrick Hayes, M.S., P.E., Deputy Chief Engineer
Derrick Hayes
M.S., P.E., Deputy Chief Engineer

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