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Matthew Birchmier

M.S., P.E., Vice President of Operations

Matthew Birchmier, M.S., P.E.,  Vice President of Operations

Matthew Birchmier started as an engineer with GeoStabilization in 2010 performing project management and quality control functions. He began his geotechnical career and honed his geotechnical expertise through work with Terracon Consultants in Boise, ID and Phoenix, AZ. A native Iowan, Matthew graduated from Iowa State University with both Bachelors and Master of Science Degrees in Civil Engineering with a geotechnical engineering emphasis. He first became interested in landslides with his master’s research and thesis, which focused on correlating the loss in residual strength with the weathering effects on micro and macro level of material from the Pierre Shale formation. Matt has worked on projects throughout the United States with an eye for detail and design that is unparalleled in the industry.

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Frank Amend, P.E., Project Development Support Manager
Frank Amend
P.E., Project Development Support Manager
Billy Lay, General Superintendent
Billy Lay
General Superintendent
Roger Teesdale, General Superintendent
Roger Teesdale
General Superintendent

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