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Josh Kelly

General Superintendent

Josh Kelly, General Superintendent

Josh came to GeoStabilization International® in 2011 as a technician and began his career working on soil nail wall and landslide repair projects. Josh then transitioned to become a drill operator in 2012 and then a project foreman. In the course of his time at GeoStabilization, Josh has successfully drilled in a variety of geologic conditions and has overseen projects in across the eastern United States including West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and New York. His leadership skills, can-do attitude, and exemplary work effort led to his promotion in 2013 to Superintendent and to General Superintendent in 2017.

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Kyle Thompson, Canadian Regional Director
Kyle Thompson
Canadian Regional Director
Dylan Battaglia, General Superintendent
Dylan Battaglia
General Superintendent
Jason Heatherly, Project Manager
Jason Heatherly
Project Manager

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