Gabion Walls

Gabion retaining walls are commonly built with improper base-to-height ratios, while steel pile walls are often designed without fully understanding the brutal forces that active landslides can place on those structures. Naturally, historic rock walls across the continent are well past their service life, increasing the risk of partial or total wall failure.

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    Looking for a cost-effective solution to repair your deteriorated gabion wall? Our experts specialize in gabion wall repair and stabilization.

    Gabion walls consist of galvanized wire mesh baskets, or gabion baskets, containing fill material such as rocks and natural stone. These free-draining walls help prevent landslides caused by soil erosion, but they can deteriorate and fail over time. When this happens, it’s sometimes because the wall doesn’t have the correct base-to-height ratio. Other times, the wall has surpassed its intended length of service and worn down from natural forces. The infiltration of fine silts and clay and the deterioration of the gabion wall rock can also cause its partial or total failure. Repairing gabion retaining walls can save on costs, time, and minimize the impact on the surrounding environment.

    Benefits of Gabion Wall Replacement vs. Repair

    No matter the cause of a retaining wall failure, it’s essential to understand the benefits of repairing it versus replacing it. Often, repairing gabion retaining walls is a better solution than demolition and complete replacement for several reasons. The benefits of restoring an existing gabion retaining wall instead of replacing it with a new wall include:

    • Cost savings: repairs cost 70% less than a replacement
    • Time savings: a repair takes weeks, and a replacement takes months
    • Less impact on surroundings: this includes the natural environment, residents, roads, and infrastructure
    • Extended wall lifespan: repairs and stabilization can provide an extended wall lifespan of 75 years
    • Restoration of original appearance: our retaining wall design engineers have experience building gabions to match the original wall surface to look the way it did before it deteriorated

    Repairing Gabion Walls with Soil Nails

    GeoStabilization International® teams use soil nailing to repair and stabilize gabion walls when possible. Soil nailing involves inserting thin reinforcing bars, or nails, slightly downward into slopes at various depths determined by engineers.

    We use a compressed air cannon called the Soil Nail Launcher™  to shoot 20-foot steel or fiberglass nails into the soil at 250 miles per hour. This innovative technique can be much more economical than using conventional soil nailing procedures or creating concrete gravity walls.

    This method of repair works best when the facing of the retaining wall is still somewhat intact. If it isn’t intact due to erosion or crumbling rock, we’ll use soil nailing alongside other methods of stabilization, and we may carefully restack the salvaged stone.

    GeoStabilization International®: Retaining Wall Repair Experts

    Whether you’re building a gabion wall or repairing one, it’s a good idea to work with a trusted company like GeoStabilization International®, which has expertise doing it in a cost- and time-efficient way — and with the least amount of environmental disturbance.

    Beyond gabion retaining wall repair, we specialize in emergency landslide repair, mitigation rockfall, and specialized stabilization services such as bridge abutments, retaining walls, compaction grouting, and more.


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    Design/Build Solutions

    Our design/build solutions are customized to the varying demands and site constraints of each geohazard we encounter. Every project that we take on is completed with one goal in mind: always provide the best value.

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    No-obligation site visit by a qualified geotechnical engineer.

    STEP 2


    Fixed-cost proposal developed from available geotechnical and site visit information.

    STEP 3


    In-house engineering team assists or completes the design.

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    Crews can mobilize within 24 hours; designs optimized in real time.


    Multi-year performance warranty covers materials, installation, and overall system performance.


    Multi-year performance warranty covers materials, installation, and overall system performance.

    Client Reviews

    Client in Canada

    Steve [Wahl] has been gracious with his time during our visits. The feedback … has been very positive (almost glowing) and also your quick action to resolve any concerns from our last visit ... was greatly appreciated…. Keep up the great work, you and your team’s professionalism has not gone unnoticed.

    Client in British Columbia, Canada on GSI's Professionalism and Experience

    I am writing this email to let you know that we are honored to work with GSI and your subcontractors as you have all demonstrated professionalism since your very first involvement of the project. Everyone on the project team is highly experienced, efficient and motivated. We also appreciate your professional work and your prompt response to our inquires. We understand that it is a project and a project site with many unique challenges. Many thanks again!

    Client in California

    As told by GSI Project Development Engineer: We are currently close to finishing one of five sites proposed for repair to the [local Water and Power Agency]. The agency folks were very impressed with GSI’s professionalism and support during the repair procedures. Our approach to the project, our field crew’s commitment to safely, our expertise in what we do, and our continuous involvement in the project at multiple levels all contributed to their positive feelings about GSI.

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