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Customer Reviews

Mid-Atlantic Department of Transportation Official

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed working with you guys on [our project]. Under the circumstances with that big of a job, and traffic volume that was being detoured it was a little stressful, however you all were so easy to work with, it made my job easier!

FEMA Coordinator for Boyd County, Kentucky

This letter is to formally thank you for your exceptional contribution to the Boyd County Fiscal Court. Our projects were a success due to the hard work and attention to detail.

Maryland County Chief Engineer

Thank you for your work efforts on Madonna Road (& Ridge Road). As always, your crews were professional, worked hard and kept us informed of what they were doing….

Mining Customer in Canada

“The entire crew was a pleasure to work with; very hard working, pleasant and polite to everyone they worked with. Both Andrew and Mike were very professional as your onsite superintendent/GF. They were punctual every day, attended the safety huddle with the surface crew every day and took part in that. Between your crew and our surface crew, they lined up the work so that it went off without a problem.”

Western New York City Manager

“Just wanted to pass on how pleased we are with the crew that’s working on the [Project] – things are looking great. The crew leader Matt is great to work with and is very professional. Great bunch of guys all the way around.”

West Virginia Heavy Maintenance Supervisor

“I just want to let you all know what an awesome job Cristian Penson and his crew did in the time that they were here in WV. These guys worked hard, kept their jobs nice and free of trash and debris, were very courteous to myself and my crew.”

Western DOT Chief Engineering Geologist

We got notice today that GSI has completed the remediation work at the [road] Slide.  WYDOT greatly appreciates the responsiveness from GSI regarding the issues that occurred this spring.  Kirk and I were at the site last week right after they finished installing the micropiles and row of soil nails.  Everything looked great, I hope everything worked out coordinating traffic control with our maintenance folks. 

Homeowner in Duluth, Minnesota

The guys worked during the rain and just kept on going, like little Energizer bunnies. Nice fellows, all of them!! They are certainly a credit to your company and I feel it is always good to give thanks to people for a job well done.

Homeowner in Colorado

I would like this to be a letter of appreciation and gratitude on a job well done. Our house was first threatened by a landslide back in June, 2017 and it has been a journey that has been both stressful and scary. And yet, every cloud has a silver lining and in this case the support, encouragement and character of everyone we met from GSI has indeed been a gift throughout this journey.

Construction Inspector for Client in Tennessee

“Gentlemen, I wanted to thank you for working with us by reducing the rates of the overrun quantities of the [pipe] abandonment work that was performed on our project. The City is pleased with the performance of this operation and GSI’s willingness to make the cost acceptable to both parties. Thank you.”

75-year old passerby to a GeoStabilization worksite

“[I have] never seen every person on a job on a roadway in the past 20 years all sweating and earning their pay check” like they were.

Adjacent Landowner to Santa Clara County, CA project

“I would like to thank you and the county for repairing the road slide on Dunne avenue. The repair is excellent and the contractors were very efficient and skilled. You personally did a great job of providing information about the status of the project. My family appreciates your efforts.”

Client in Arkansas

“…. this praise [from the Legislator] is all directed to you as the Contractors on the project for the work that you do.  The completion of this Site required a great deal of coordination of efforts which was done in an impressive manner and under adverse conditions in the last few days.  Please pass this along to your field personnel who persevered under hot weather among other adverse conditions and handled it with professionalism.  This was a major inconvenience to the people in the area, so it was great to see it come together like it did with a great final product.  Thanks again for all of your efforts in making this happen.”

Arkansas State Representative

“The [road] between Van Buren and Figure Five was a major project and is so well done. Thank you for this excellent improvement, which was completed well before projected dates (at least the dates I’d heard). I know in your job, as in mine, you hear lots of complaints. I want to thank you for always being available and for doing such good work.”

Montana Governor Steve Bullock

In handwritten note to Brett Gustafson, Project Manager for GeoStabilization: “Brett – Thank you for your quick response to reopen Blue Slide Road in Sanders County.  Your talented team was available to complete a road for the public to travel on in less than 45 days.  Mother Nature has challenged us in Montana this year with moisture in all forms, and we appreciate your resilience in the face of those challenges.  Sincerely, Steve Bullock.

Customer from Oregon

GSI under commits and over delivers. Work is always completed ahead of time and on budget…

Client in New Mexico

I want to thank you and your crew for the exceptional job we just completed. It was a pleasure working alongside Brice and his crew.

Client in Wyoming

In 2017, another well above normal snowpack winter and heavy spring rains resulted in 23 new landslides, which damaged or threatened WYDOT roads. WYDOT turned to GSI to help respond to these emergency situations. GSI was able to respond very quickly and in most cases had personnel on site to assess the site within 24 hours.

Client in Virginia

Hope all is well, I wanted to reach out and say that I had a great experience working with you all.  Freddy and his whole crew did everything they could to make my job stress free, as well as doing a great/timely/clean installation.

Client in New Mexico

Roger is 65 years old and has been in the construction business his whole adult life. He explained to me that he felt compelled to call and give praise to Brice Steffan, his crew and his managers, as well as GSI as a company.

Client in Tennessee

I wanted to take a moment to express gratitude and satisfaction with the job that GSI performed for me.  This work was inside a very congested industrial environment which also had other potential hazards with the presence of alcohol. In addition to confined quarters inside the building we had extreme weather conditions taking place outside the building.  My client was on a critical path timeline and this required GSI to return the week between Christmas and New Year’s.

Client in Kentucky

GSI, thanks for another successful project. It is always nice to work with you and your field crews.

Client in Oregon

Just wanted to send a thank you to your crew as they were outstanding on our project up on Hwy 47 mp 6.3. I really appreciated the great communication and the hard work they did for us.

Pennsylvania Township Supervisor

[as told by GSI Project Development Engineer] This is the second project your company has completed for us and just like the first one a great crew to work with. Very competent, courteous, and informative … great job.

Contractor in South Dakota

Cameron, I’m glad you followed up because I don’t do a good job of telling people they did a good job sometimes and I know you’re like me if you hear nothing bad then it must have been OK. From my standpoint, you guys really helped us out by being able to get a crew here quickly which is just what we needed.

Mining Customer in Canada

Hey Trevor, I gotta [sic] admit, I was a little worried after our progress on the first day of scaling. I wondered if I’d missed something in analyzing that slope! However, on day two, the guys were able to get the bulk of the loose material down in the two areas I was concerned about.

Residential Customer in Maryland

My wife and I live in Ohio and we are residential clients of GSI. Your team has been securing our lakefront cliff face over the past two weeks. I am writing you today to commend you on your outstanding team members.

Client helped by the Grouting Division

I wanted to drop you a quick note. Late last year I had Tom Szynakiewicz come by and advise me as to what I needed to do to fix my house structure. Tom and GSI were great to work with to find a solution for my structure issues.

County Engineer in Maryland

Thanks for another successful project – one that was completed just in time, under difficult conditions and just before a major rehabilitation was required.

Client in Minnesota

Just wanted to say that somehow your workers/artists took an ugly and scarred piece of this earth and turned it into a very pleasing and contoured piece of this earth. It looks incredible!! The fellows were all so nice and just wonderful to us. They worked so hard and were always hear early…….no goofing off…. just working.

Client in Virginia

Rouse, thanks for your help on my project. Never before have I had a subcontractor who operated as well as you did. Professional, safety conscious, and so willing to get the job done. If you’re ever near Richmond VA call me. I have nothing but good things to say about GSI. Thanks, Henry

Client in Nevada

We have worked on several estimates and concepts with GSI over the last few years. Last spring, we had an opportunity to build a project with them. We received a handful of quotes, GSI was not only competitive, but they also provided a solution that significantly improved the project sequence and schedule. I think it is definitely worth your time to get to know James and their capabilities.

Client in New Mexico

Marty, I really appreciate all of your cooperation and the cooperation of your crew. They’re great people doing an amazing job. We have placed all of the first 4 rows with very little problems as of Saturday the 28th of March. These guys really deserve a pat on the back from my standpoint.

Client in Oregon

We had a very good experience working with GSI and I look forward to working with them again. GSI was a good partner in evaluating our site conditions, access constraints, and performance goals, and determining a practical approach to repairing our failing retaining wall. I have been impressed with their combination of technical experts and construction personnel.

General Contractor in Tennessee

I’d like to say that it was a pleasure working with GSI. I would like to personally commend the efforts of Josh Kelly and his crew; Steven, Lee, Austin, and Trent. They went above and beyond to meet our schedule by working long hours, more importantly long “hard” hours. They are an extremely hard-working bunch who never complained and did whatever it took to get the job done, they are a crew that I would recommend to anyone.

Client in British Columbia, Canada

I am writing this email to let you know that we are honored to work with GSI and your subcontractors as you have all demonstrated professionalism since your very first involvement of the project. Everyone on the project team is highly experienced, efficient and motivated.

Mining Client in Canada

[Our] team wishes to express its gratitude for the excellent work that Steve Wahl performed for us this summer at [our mine]. Undoubtedly, there were times in which difficult circumstances occurred, and Steve was able to provide prompt, measured input as to his recommended approach.

Client in British Columbia, Canada

The final product for the winter looks very well done and Matthew was great to work with. I look forward to working with your team next Spring and on future projects.

Client in Tennessee

As a Navy veteran, I am thankful for GeoStabilization’s support and commitment to our military service members. [Our] County Engineering Department equally thanks all of your veteran and reservist employees for their service. We would also like to extend a “Thank you!”, to your entire staff for their outstanding support over the past 2 years in addressing critical repairs to our county’s roads.

Client in Maryland

I had the perfect start to Veteran’s Day. Maryland State government is off today in recognition of Veteran’s Day, so I am fortunate to be one of the veterans lucky enough to be recognized by and attending my daughter’s High School Veteran’s Day Ceremonies. Being off is not what I am referring to that has made the start of my day perfect, it was the email message from GSI about Veteran’s Day.

Client in Kentucky

GeoStabilization’s ability to design an appropriate and practical stabilization method with limited geotechnical data and their ability to warranty their work set them apart. Moreover, their unique internal partnership of geotechnical experts and experienced equipment operators brought substantial value to the work product.

Mine Operator in Nevada

Just received a call from John at [the mine] and he wanted to pass on his gratitude for our efforts over the past few weeks! He went on to say you guys were outstanding to work with and he learned a great deal about this challenging and dynamic environment. Based on our your efforts, they are now moving back into this area to mine this high grade ore. Good job gang, and appreciate your team’s efforts. Please pass our appreciation to your crew.

General Contractor in Tennessee

Wanted to let you know how great GSI has been to work with out here at [our site]. We have had difficult drilling conditions since day 1 and they have worked tirelessly through bad soil and bad weather to make sure our project is a success. We have really appreciated them going the extra mile for us out here…

Client in Wyoming

Richard, I wanted to take a quick minute and thank you and Courtney and the awesome crew that you sent here to take care of our huge rock. Courtney, John, and Andrew are some of the hardest working people I have had the privilege to be around.

Client in West Virginia

As told by GSI Project Development Engineer: A pipeline contractor dug a trench through the county road, down a steep bank, below a stream, and then up the next mountain to install the pipes. When they went to backfill the pipes in the roadway and embankment, the soil slipped and they couldn’t keep the backfill in place. We got a call to come out and look at the site.

Client in British Columbia, Canada

Hi Graeme, I apologize for taking so long to respond; it is a credit to the smoothness of this project that I was able to shift my focus onto other ones. When asked by a colleague how this project went, I responded “that so last week” J. Seriously though, I want to sincerely thank you and your crew for their great efforts and patience…

Client in Vermont

You and Chris are awesome to work with! … Your crews that have been here are all very well organized, dependable and get their work done! GSI should be very proud of the crews they have working for them. Thanks again Perry for all your help and assistance!

Client in Pennsylvania

As told by GSI Project Development Engineer: We have a SN wall job going on in central PA. Our client is a design build general contractor who is building a distribution center for the owner. I knew our job was finishing up soon, so I called the client on Friday to make sure he was happy. He said that both he and the owner are ‘extremely pleased’.

Client in Canada

Steve [Wahl] has been gracious with his time during our visits. The feedback … has been very positive (almost glowing) and also your quick action to resolve any concerns from our last visit … was greatly appreciated…. Keep up the great work, you and your team’s professionalism has not gone unnoticed.

Client in Ontario, Canada

[Our] team wishes to acknowledge for the excellent work that Courtney Smith and his team performed for us this summer at [our mine]. Courtney was able to provide prompt input and provide some innovative approaches to some of the challenges we faced this summer.

Client in Virginia

I’d like to take a moment and thank you for sending a great crew for the stabilization at [our site]. With the leadership of Dylan Battaglia and his crew, safety was always incorporated in each task that was performed. Dylan communicated each phase with [our company] and also gave great instruction to all his employees during the JSA process. Great job!

Client in Virginia

I wish I had been smart enough to let you design the rock mitigation. You and your team turned in an excellent performance. The work ethic of your team impressed everyone on our side of the table. Most companies print a slogan on their company clothing. However, your folks demonstrated every hour that they “Work Hard or Go Home”. You sent us a world class construction team – thanks!

Client in South Carolina

As told by GSI Project Development Engineer: We had a site walk today with the gang from the SCDOT district as well as the statewide construction engineering group. They had good things to say about the professionalism and intelligence of our crew. In particular, one of the construction engineers pointed out that in all his years of working on projects, ours was the best and most thorough safety meeting he had attended.

Rock Quarry in California

Your crew finished up yesterday afternoon, leaving our slope in good shape. They worked safely, were responsive and enthusiastic, and hard-working. I’d be happy to have any of these guys on a future project with [our company].

Concrete General Contractor in Virginia

Perry & Chris, I hope all is well. Every so often I think back on how both of you and GeoStabilization helped us out tremendously on the Rte. 17 project and put us back on schedule. We ended up finishing the Rte. 17 project 5 days ahead of schedule.

Client in California

As told by GSI Project Development Engineer: We are currently close to finishing one of five sites proposed for repair to the [local Water and Power Agency]. The agency folks were very impressed with GSI’s professionalism and support during the repair procedures.

Client in New Mexico

I had the opportunity to work with GSI on an emergency repair of an earth retaining wall on Highway NM 475 at MM 11. This project was an emergency repair because the earth retaining wall is part of the roadway embankment, which was failing. Also, NM 475 is the only highway used to get to Ski Santa Fe.

Client from TX

[We were] contracted to install … 35 miles of 20” steel pipeline [in] Pennsylvania. As part of the project, the pipeline had to be installed on a 35 [degree] slope approximately 900 feet in length… The GSI crew arrived on project ready to go to work.

Client from PA

[We have] worked with GeoStabilization International (GSI) for over 10 years. GSI is our “go to contractor” for difficult slope stabilization projects. We have worked with GSI to stabilize steep slopes and remediate landslides on numerous projects…

Client in OH

I am pleased to write this note about our working relationship with GSI. My experience with them has been excellent. They have a great team of people from engineering to construction.

Client in Pennsylvania

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the expert design and construction work performed by your company on our [Retaining Wall Project]. On the design side, I was truly impressed by how quickly and efficiently you and the other engineers responded…

Mine Management

On our weekly project update call at the mine, our meetings begin with a ‘safety share’. It’s usually filled with personal observations, mine traffic pattern changes to be conscientious of, or in this week’s meeting, a good catch by GSI’s Courtney Smith.

Mine Employees

As told by GSI Rockfall Division Director: “I am at the [mine] now and the truck with the equipment from the warehouse just arrived. Environmental issues are extremely important in the mine so any equipment arriving on site has to be pressure washed and cleaned.

Client in Virginia

As told by GSI Project Development Engineer: I was happy to take a call from [the Residency engineer] today and listened to him tell me how happy he was with the performance of Dylan and entire crew at the Garden Creek site.

Client in British Columbia

As told by GSI Project Development Engineer: I just chatted with [the] Operation Manager for the Hwy 3 Char Creek project. He is extremely pleased with the way we are progressing, and very impressed with Matt and the crew’s professionalism and communication.

Mine’s Chief of Emergency Response

After GSI personnel conducted a mock “man down” safety drill: I just wanted to follow up on the GSI drill. I could not be more impressed with the team at GSI.

Principal Engineer for Consulting Firm

John Boyd was great. I couldn’t be more pleased with the crew. For the next mitigation project, we’ll work with GSI and specifically request John Boyd.

Client in Georgia

Mr. Aguirre, I want to personally thank you for all the effort you and your crew on site at [the quarry] did for me. You were very accommodating. Special point needs to be given to GSI’s safety program and its employees for following them strictly.

Client in Virginia

Colby, I wanted to send a note of thanks for excellent work on our project. It was clear that our staff was not going to be able to handle the difficulty of this problem. From day one, Perry Kairis’ calm and confident demeanor to the excellence in construction of Zech Moriarty and Larry Grant made this a successful project.

Emergency Response Coordinator for a gold mine

I recently interacted with some of your rockfall division guys. I have never seen an outfit as competent on safety measures nor any contractors who worked as hard as your guys do. During the work, I was in a room with your guys and some other contractors, and your guys were head and shoulders above the rest in all aspects.

Property owner adjacent to Class 1 Railroad work site

GSI was very professional and easy to work with throughout the whole process. They communicated well and were accommodating to our production needs, while allowing us to work with them to help them accomplish what they needed to get done as well. Dan, Amanda, Zech, Craig, and Justin were all great.

Client in Wyoming

Just wanted to tell you that Kris and his crew: Malcom, Nick, Juan, and Shawn, did a great job for us. They are true professionals, hard workers, and gave us great results. Thanks again and look forward to working with you guys in the future!