What Our Clients Say

“GeoStabilization’s  ability to design an appropriate and practical stabilization method with limited geotechnical data and their ability to warranty their work set them apart. Moreover, their unique internal partnership of geotechnical experts and experienced equipment operators brought substantial value to the work product.”
— P.W., Kentucky 

“I want to personally thank you for all the effort you and your crew on site at Bellwood Quarry did for me.  You were very accommodating.  Special point needs to be given to GSI®‘s safety program and its employees for following them strictly.  I would honestly say that your organization is one of the top in safety that I have seen in every rope access industry.”
— S.W., Georgia

“GSI® was the only contractor who could send a person to look at the wall in question in the short timeframe provided. Now that the job is in progress, we have been impressed with the continued engineering support and how easy it is work with the crew. [We] appreciate not having to worry about them working safely or doing a good job. ”
— A.S., Virginia

“[We] completed this project safely, using less materials, superior craftsmanship, and a week under schedule on a three-week project.   This workmanship is common across the board for GSI® crews.  When a client takes the time to write a letter like this it speaks volumes of a crew’s performance.  This performance has resulted in [Us] wanting GSI® to look at more projects for the Owyhee Irrigation District and other Irrigation Districts across Oregon as he is also a board member for Irrigation across the state.  [We] have also offered to do a presentation of GSI®‘s capabilities for the other irrigation districts in Oregon.  This is the best marketing GSI® can be provided.”
— J.C., Oregon

“Wanted to let you know how great GSI® has been to work with, out here at APSU.  We have had difficult drilling conditions since day 1, and they have worked tirelessly through bad soil and bad weather to make sure our project is a success. We have really appreciated them going the extra mile for us out here. Hopefully, we can work with [GSI®] on future work in the Nashville area.”
— T.H., Virginia 

“GSI® impressed us with their rapid mobilization to the site, their teamwork, their ability to work with our miners, their safety culture, their ability to work in harsh weather conditions, and the timely manner in which the entire project was completed. The crews tasked with this project were well-experienced, and could draw upon a reserve of knowledge when we ran into technical issues associated with some of the anchor locations. Because of this knowledge, we were able to keep the project under budget and on time, which was crucial for our operations schedule.”
— R.T., Montana