Mining Geohazard Services

Mining Geohazard Services

GeoStabilization International® provides engineered solutions to the mining and quarry industries. We provide expertise to your operation to safeguard against rockfall, unstable ground conditions, and can deliver viable geohazard remediation solutions to your most challenging problems.

We provide engineered solutions for sustainable mining with the advantages of:

From the early exploration phase for green field sites to full mine production and final reclamation, GSI® specializes in protecting your mine infrastructure, safeguarding your mining operation with engineered geohazard solutions.

Protecting Mine Infrastructure

GSI® has extensive experience repairing landslides and stabilizing slopes and access roads. We design difficult access micropile foundations, provide rockfall protection scaling, install catchment barriers, and build retaining walls for various mining infrastructure.

Our equipment is purpose-built to allow for exceptional production in difficult access areas, including remote geological exploration sites. This translates into rapid, low-cost mitigation with minimal environmental impact and permitting time, allowing for continuous access and production. GSI® mining infrastructure services include:

Safeguarding Mine Operations

Slope stability and highwall safety is at the forefront for all open pit mining operations. Our seasoned geotechnical engineers and highly experienced staff bring an extensive and specialized expertise to resolving your geotechnical problems. GSI® can respond within 24 hours to geohazard events to safeguard your personnel and your infrastructure. Typical operational services include:

Engineering Solutions for Geohazard Mitigation

GSI® engineers responsive solutions for sustainable mining. Our engineers provide mitigation designs using our specialized equipment, enabling a shorter onsite remediation, a lower overall cost, and minimal disruption to your operation.

Optimizing final walls and bench designs can reduce the overall footprint of your final pit design. For example the benefits of establishing steeper pit walls or reduced bench width may result in improved access to ore and/or reduce the removal of waste rock. GSI provides engineered solutions for sustainable mining. GSI® Engineering services include:

Radar Monitoring for Mines

Each site must have its own monitoring strategy, matched to local ground conditions. Slope failures do not occur spontaneously. There is scientific reasoning for each failure. Early detection of wall failure allows mine operators to plan and implement appropriate actions with sufficient notice such that the effect of the failure on mine safety and productivity is minimal.

Wall failures can occur at any time but they do not occur without warning if the failed area is being well monitored. An inclusive site wall maintenance and monitoring strategy offers several benefits to a quarry or mine site. Regular visual inspections and real-time site monitoring allows quarry operators to plan and implement appropriate proactive actions with sufficient notice to support a safer working environment, ongoing operations, engineering and planning.

Across areas where access cannot be maintained or guaranteed for safety, monitoring equipment acquires data from a safe position, operated remotely, and offers real-time data for engineering and operational decision making. Visual monitoring as a regular practice is acceptable, however wall displacements from general operations and or environmental exposures can initiate ongoing instabilities. These are best detailed and tracked with accurate instrument coverage in all weather conditions with accuracy of deformations which can be missed by visual inspections.

Staff gain valuable intelligence as they observe the data exhibiting factors that may be influencing slope movement throughout the life of a mine, including weather events and activities (i.e. drilling, blasting or haulage). Monitoring can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of a newly constructed buttress, dewatering key zones, or the impact of a drainage diversion against its overall effectiveness on reducing slope movement.

Request a Mine Geohazard - Rules of Thumb booklet

Request a Mine Geohazard - Rules of Thumb Booklet