TTCI Research

TTCI Research

Researchers at the Transportation Technology Research, Inc. (TTCI) site in Pueblo, Colorado asked GeoStabilization International to provide a cost effective solution for a problematic railroad embankment at their research facility. A test embankment consisting of “Buckshot” clay imported from Mississippi had failed twice, fouling the line and causing the tracks to drop multiple inches. GSI® launched multiple soil nails into the embankment to provide additional shear resistance for the dynamic loading of the passing trains and to prevent future failures. The Soil Nail Launcher provided an expedited installation, reducing track time and permitting regular train flow. Over the coming years, TTCI research staff and GSI® engineers will perform in-depth instrumentation, monitoring, and analysis of the slope to determine optimal installation parameters.

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Justin Anderson, TTCI Research
Justin Anderson
M.S., P.E., Project Development Engineer, Midwest Region & Railroad Services

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Todd Hamilton, Vice President of Frontline
Todd Hamilton
Vice President of Frontline
James Chinchiolo, B.S., CA, NV Project Development Director
James Chinchiolo
B.S., CA, NV Project Development Director
Riley Windsor, Assistant Project Manager
Riley Windsor
Assistant Project Manager

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