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Swinging Bridge Anchor Installation 

Swinging Bridge Anchor Installation 

Traditional methods for anchoring small structures such as towers have been accomplished with the use of cables and deadman anchors. Excavation, carpentry, concrete & reinforcing steel skills, and equipment/material access are all required to provide a safe installation for the deadman anchors. Many locations are remote and have environmental and/or excavation limitations due to presence of trees, shallow bedrock, streams, and/or cut slopes. For deadman anchor installation a large surface area needs to be cleared and excavated, which is not always possible. A Mid-Atlantic state’s Department of Transportation had a swinging anchor bridge requiring
anchors with a working design load of 21 tons per anchor. The bridge was only accessible through a ford when the water levels in the stream were down. The presence of shallow shale, siltstone and sandstone with little overburden made galvanized Self-Drilling SuperMicropiles an ideal option. GeoStabilization International® provided a design/build/warranty anchor system comprised of galvanized Self-Drilling SuperMicropiles of up to 30 feet in length. This included sacrificial nails for verification testing purposes that were tested to 42 tons – 200% of the design load.

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Todd Hamilton, Vice President of Frontline
Todd Hamilton
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Matt McGinn
Mountain & Pacific Project Engineer
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Jessica Fletcher
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