Soil Nail Buttress Construction

Soil Nail Buttress Construction

GeoStabilization International® collaborated with USFS Geotechnical Engineers on a plan to stabilize an infinite slope failure that regularly deposited rockfall debris on Hyalite Canyon Road at the base of a 300-foot, 1H:1V slope. Catastrophic failure of the upper mantle of colluvium could conceivable deposit thousands of cubic yards of material into Hyalite Creek which provides 40% of the drinking water for the city of Bozeman.

The plan was twofold; a soil nail buttress was constructed at the top of the scarp to arrest further movement of the colluvium overburden, and a GCS® rock catchment wall was constructed at the bottom to collect loose debris. Project totals included (303) 40-foot soil nails, (75) micropiles, 3,000 SF of shotcrete, and 3,840 SF of GCS® wall. GSI® crews successfully completed this challenging project during several inclement weather events typical for the climate of Montana.

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Daniel Journeaux, Soil Nail Buttress Construction
Daniel Journeaux
Rockfall Director
Martin (Marty) Woodard, Soil Nail Buttress Construction
Martin (Marty) Woodard
Ph.D., P.G., P.E., Chief Rockfall Engineer

Featured Employees

Dustin Leonhardt, General Superintendent
Dustin Leonhardt
General Superintendent
Dru Miller, P.E., Southeast & South Central Regional Engineer
Dru Miller
P.E., Southeast & South Central Regional Engineer
Roger Teesdale, General Superintendent
Roger Teesdale
General Superintendent

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