Roadside Slip Repair with GCS Services

Roadside Slip Repair with GCS™ Services

Just east of Northern California’s famous wine country, the Calpine Corporation operates a state of the art, eco-friendly geothermal power generation plant. This facility covers thousands of acres and depends on a network of rugged mountain roads for maintenance, new construction, and general operations. The plant property is accessed from the west by Geysers Road and from the east by Socrates Mine Road.

Calpine contracted GeoStabilization International® to repair a section of Socrates Mine Road that was subjected to a shoulder-damaging slip out. In addition to the damaged shoulder, the over-steep head scarp, left behind by the slip, threatened the stability of the road. Calpine not only required an economical fix; they also wanted GeoStabilization to keep the road open during the repair and build an over-wide shoulder to accept future pipeline supports.

GeoStabilization’s remediation design included a combination of SuperNails, Reticulated SuperMicropiles, and using the innovative Geosynthetically Confined Soil (GCS) services to build a retaining wall for the purpose of widening the road’s shoulder. Calpine reported that the site was successfully repaired for less than half the cost of traditional repair techniques.

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Zech Moriarty, Frontline Director
Zech Moriarty
Frontline Director
Mike Close, M.S., P.E., Bridge Specialist
Mike Close
M.S., P.E., Bridge Specialist
Billy Lay, General Superintendent
Billy Lay
General Superintendent

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