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Railway Bridge Abutment Repair

Railway Bridge Abutment Repair

Concrete facing blocks of a railroad bridge abutment moved outward due to inadequate horizontal reinforcement during initial construction. GeoStabilization International® was called to provide additional reinforcement in the top three feet of the bridge abutments within the right-of-way for the main rail line. The existing abutment had to remain in place, work could not interfere with train traffic, and the crews were restricted to the 12-foot-wide work zone adjacent to each abutment.

GeoStabilization’s engineers worked with a general contractor, county personnel, and the county’s consultants to develop the reinforcement loads, nail locations, and obtain necessary permits. GeoStabilization’s crews assembled special equipment to install and load test two (2) rows of 20-foot Self-Drilling SuperNails® in the north abutment and one (1) row of 12-foot Self-drilling SuperNails® in the south abutment within the restrictive vertical and horizontal work zone. The result was rapid and economical abutment reinforcement without railroad traffic interruption.

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Justin Anderson, Railway Bridge Abutment Repair
Justin Anderson
M.S., P.E., Project Development Engineer, Midwest Region & Railroad Services

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Matthew Birchmier, M.S., P.E.,  Vice President of Operations
Matthew Birchmier
M.S., P.E., Vice President of Operations
Noel Philippon, North Central Regional Operations Manager
Noel Philippon
North Central Regional Operations Manager
Jeff Hamlin, M.S., Project Engineer
Jeff Hamlin
M.S., Project Engineer

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