Zech Moriarty

General Superintendent

Zech Moriarty, General Superintendent

Zech is a General Superintendent in the Eastern Division. Prior to joining GeoStabilization, Zech served in the United States Army for six years where he graduated top of his class in PLDC; which placed him on the Commandant’s List. Because of the exemplary leadership skills learned in the Army, Zech was promoted to the role of superintendent only four months after starting as a laborer. During his six years as a superintendent, Zech installed over 10,000 launched nails, 30,000 of each SuperNails® & Self-Drilling Nails, and over 12,000 cubic yards of shotcrete. Zech’s uncanny ability to balance teamwork, efficiency, and quality when leading his crews earned him promotion to “General Superintendent” in 2013. Zech resides in Oelwein, IA where he enjoys hunting and spending time with his daughters & family.

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Dru Miller
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Kenneth “Kenny” Starrett
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