Zech Moriarty

Frontline Director

Zech Moriarty, Frontline Director

Zech has worked his way through the ranks at GSI and currently serves as Frontline Director. Zech started his career in the United States Army, then transitioned to GSI in 2008. In recognition of his dedication, hard work, and exemplary leadership skills, Zech was promoted from field technician to superintendent within a short four-month span. As superintendent, Zech directly oversaw the installation of more than 50,000 self-drilling soil nails, 15,000 launched nails, 50,000 SuperNails™ and over 15,000 cubic yards of shotcrete. Zech’s wealth of knowledge and expertise in GSI operations led to his promotion to General Superintendent in 2013 and Frontline Director in 2018. His current position allows him to share his experience with all GSI crews to ensure our customers receive quality work and exemplary service. Zech enjoys hunting and spending time with his daughters and family in his hometown of Oelwein, IA.

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