Stephen (Steve) Wahl

General Superintendent

Stephen (Steve) Wahl, General Superintendent

Steve is a General Superintendent in the Canadian Division. A proud Canadian and sixth generation miner, Steve started out at sixteen years old as a prospector’s assistant in remote northern Ontario bush camps and Labrador’s Voisey’s Bay. Steve was schooled in a wide range of skills including helicopter mapping, cutting tree lines for the winter drilling program, and channel sampling. This experience would prove to be a taste of what would come in his more than twenty years of international drilling and mining work; he has gained experience and proficiency in scaling, drilling & blasting, large diameter micro-piles, casing, tie-backs, soil nails, and core drilling.

Steve joined GSI® in 2013 to help establish GeoStabilization’s Canadian division and has had the opportunity to be a part of many projects across Canada and the United States. Steve is currently leading a team in New Zealand working on the aftermath of the Kaikoura earthquake on 1200′ cliffs with exclusive helicopter access and continued earthquakes challenges. Steve and his wife, Nicole, live in Toronto, Ontario.

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