Sikot Mahaxay

General Superintendent

Sikot Mahaxay, General Superintendent

Sikot Mahaxay was born in Champasack, Laos, then moved to Thailand with his family at an early age. As the eldest and only son, tradition dictated that Sikot support his family until he married. Sikot knew that if he stayed in Thailand, he would not be able to support his parents and his four sisters, so he sought sponsorship to come to the United States. A sponsor family in Lake Park, Iowa, invited Sikot to join them on their farm, and taught him the basics of equipment operation. While attending high school in Lake Park, Sikot worked as a full-time heavy equipment operator, finally making enough money to move the rest of his family to Iowa from Thailand.

Sikot has over twenty years of experience as an equipment operator, and over ten years of experience in soil nailing, GCS® wall construction, and is a world-class rock mason using mortarless construction techniques. Sikot is also an expert driller and has repaired landslides across the United States. Sikot lives in Denver, Colorado. When he is not fixing landslides, Sikot enjoys outdoor sports, camping, boating, fishing, and hunting.

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