Michael “M.J.” Levy

P.E., Project Engineer

Michael “M.J.” Levy, P.E., Project Engineer

MJ is GeoStabilization’s Northeastern Regional Engineer. After graduating from the University of Central Florida with a BS degree in civil/structural engineering, M.J. joined a well-respected consulting firm. While there his responsibilities included structural engineering design, engineering coordination across disciplines, client coordination, and various job-site disciplines that ensured his projects were completed on time and on budget. Since joining GeoStabilization in 2016, MJ has designed solutions for slope stability and geotechnical foundation applications utilizing soil nails, micropiles, and GeoSynthetically Confined Soil (GCS®) walls throughout the Northeastern United States. In his spare time MJ enjoys anything to do with motorcycles including: rides, wrenching, charities, and track.

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Trevor Ames, P. E., Mining Geotechnical Services Director
Trevor Ames
P. E., Mining Geotechnical Services Director
Robert “Rob” Fingerson, P.E., G.E., Project Development Engineer
Robert “Rob” Fingerson
P.E., G.E., Project Development Engineer
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Frederic Sauber
General Superintendent

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