Josh Monroe

Director of Safety

Josh Monroe, Director of Safety

Josh is GeoStabilization’s Director of Safety and manages GeoStabilization’s Safety Program for all activities throughout the United States and Canada. After serving eight (8) years in the United States Army detailed to multiple Armor Divisions, Josh attended Murray State University where he earned a degree in occupational safety and health. After graduation Josh worked for a large multinational General Construction Company as Project Safety Manager before being promoted to District Safety Manager where he successfully managing safety on various jobs throughout the country.

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Frank Amend, P.E., Director of Marketing and Public Affairs
Frank Amend
P.E., Director of Marketing and Public Affairs
Rouse Slape, Frontline Deputy Director
Rouse Slape
Frontline Deputy Director
Steve Poole, P.E., Project Development Engineer
Steve Poole
P.E., Project Development Engineer

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