Jarrod Hartshorn

E.I.T., Assistant Project Manager

Jarrod Hartshorn, E.I.T., Assistant Project Manager

Jarrod is GeoStabilization’s Grouting and Foundation Division’s assistant project manager. After earning his BS degree in civil engineering from the University of Dayton, Jarrod spent his first 3.5 years in the construction industry as a project manager and engineer on projects ranging from the tallest bridge in the state of Virginia to small temporary shoring applications. His specific practice has been with temporary and permanent earth retention systems (pile and lagging, sheet piles, pipe piles, etc.), temporary and permanent tiebacks, cofferdams, internally braced retention, and micropiles.

Jarrod currently resides in the Lexington, KY area with his wife, Anna, and two daughters, Lillian and Aadi who are “the center of our world”. In his free time, Jarrod enjoys relaxing outdoors, hiking, spending time with my family, and playing & watching sports.

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