Bob Hollinger

General Superintendent (Grouting and Foundation Division)

Bob Hollinger, General Superintendent (Grouting and Foundation Division)

Bob is GeoStabilization’s Grouting & Foundation Division’s General Superintendent and oversees all the projects within the division. With over 30 years of experience in the geotechnical construction industry, Bob began his career as a geotechnical investigation driller before migrating to the Geotechnical Construction industry. Initially starting as a laborer, his professionalism and leadership qualities soon led to his promotion to driller/foreman, and then superintendent for prominent national geotechnical contractors. Bob has extensive ground anchor, grouting, and micropile installation experience including anchors up to 10-strand and 150 ft long, as well as permanently cased micropiles up to 12 inches in diameter & 100 ft long involving varied equipment and drilling techniques. He also has vast experience in anchored soldier pile and lagging walls, structure re-leveling, and various grouting techniques including slurry, polyurethane, chemical and compaction grouting. Bob lives with his family in Arvada, CO.

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