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Aaron McNiel

Lead Rail Engineer

Aaron McNiel, Lead Rail Engineer

Aaron has 17 years’ experience in geotechnical investigations, construction monitoring, material quality control testing, and has been involved in many facets of geological engineering. He has provided input for various foundation systems, including drilled piers, extended foundations, driven and auger cast piles, and mat foundations. Aaron has worked on projects that include TBM tunneling, earthen dam construction, instrumentation installation, and monitoring, sinkhole remediation, hazardous waste removal and treatment, engineered fill, surveying, groundwater monitoring, railroad construction, and landslide investigations. He has been responsible for surface and subsurface explorations and characterization of commercial and residential projects. Aaron has observed earthwork operations and performed soil compaction testing and quality control testing of concrete, mortar, and grout.

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Stephen Harrison, P.E., Northeast Regional Engineer
Stephen Harrison
P.E., Northeast Regional Engineer
Todd Hamilton, Vice President of Frontline
Todd Hamilton
Vice President of Frontline
Michelle Urlacher, CCEP, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer
Michelle Urlacher
CCEP, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer

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